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Newly Wed Couple

This minimalist home features wooden finishes and a clean use of space to bring out peace and tranquility.

This home is a great example of optimising one’s home with a light budget and will be a great hit with new homeowners looking for the best bang for your buck. Featuring a basic smart home package from Koble, this home was transformed simply yet elegantly.

Through multiple consultations with Koble, the home was able to be tweaked to suit the owner’s busy work life perfectly. With every early morning, the home has been programmed to wake the owner up and get the day going through a simple scene change that draws in natural sunlight to welcome the morning. Motion sensors are also situated throughout the home to welcome owners into every living space. This is particularly useful when the owner arrives home late at night, occasionally carrying many items in tow.

Given the busy schedule of the owners, having to worry about the upkeep of the home was also top-of-mind. Koble made extra commitment to ensure that sensors were put in place to monitor the temperature of the home. Building on this, the home has also been enabled to think for itself, with motorised curtains closing in the balcony and the living room whenever the afternoon sun comes in.

With a preference for a cooler home, the air conditioner and temperature sensors have also learnt to cool the home so that the owners are welcomed comfortably after a long day. They have even been enabled to detect the daily arrivals of the homeowner to automatically switch on the air conditioner whenever the owner is a few minutes away.This is made possible with Koble’s exclusive home app that provides one-touch accessibility. App controls are available for the owner to control their home from far away, ensuring that everything is well and smooth if there are any young children or elderly at home.

To give an added layer of functionality and scalability, Koble’s systems also uses the Zigbee protocol, ensuring near compatibility for many smart home devices in case the owner wants to upgrade and add to the smartness of their home in the future. Simple, yet functional and beautiful with Koble.

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