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Building A Singapore Smart Penthouse For Owners who are Frequent Hostess

November 23, 2022

Building A Singapore Smart Penthouse For Owners who are Frequent Hostess

Anyone who has ever hosted, knows that it is a busy affair that keeps you on your feet making sure that your guests are enjoying themselves. Hence, automation can change the way you host. It helps relieve some of the stress that comes with entertaining in a number of small ways that make a big impact. 

Check out the Smart Penthouse on Haig Road

The homeowners of this beautiful 2-storey penthouse at Haig Road were looking to build a home. Its doors are always ready to welcome family and friends. Read on to see how this smart home in Singapore built by the Koble team !

Gone are the days of scrambling and wondering who is standing outside your door. But now, the smart home experience begins the moment a guest arrives with a video doorbell. Then, it will notifies the homeowners via smartphone and Koble’s Hera Smart Switch.

Aside from this convenience being useful for parties and entertainment, it is most importantly a security feature. This will ensures that the family does not have to open their door to strangers. Additionally, the homeowners can access the video doorbell remotely. It not only allows them to rest assured that they will not miss any parcel deliveries while they are away from home. They can also simply instruct the delivery person via voice on where to leave their order for when they return. 

KOBLE – Best Smart Home Solution Provider

As per the homeowners request, the Koble smart home app is linking to all of the appliances like lights, air conditioning, curtains and even balcony sliding door. This means that the entire home can be turn on, and off, with a touch of a single button. The homeowners can also set up different areas of their house according to unique scenes that have been customized to match their lifestyle and daily habits.  

KOBLE – Best Smart Home Solution Provider

One of the standout features of this smart home in Singapore is their home cinema. The homeowners can set the mood for a cozy movie session with friends and family by activating the ‘movie time’ scene with their voice, or the Koble smart home app. This automatically draws the living room curtains, turns off all the lights, and activates the projector. Now, movie night is ready within seconds!

(The Koble system is also compatible with the Samsung projector: LSP9T The Premiere Smart 4K UHD Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector.)

After the movie, guests can be ushered to the balcony through a voice activated sliding door to relax. Depending on the time of the day, the homeowners also have the flexibility of adjusting the height of the window blinds via the Koble smart app regardless of where they might be in the house. Koble puts convenience and control in the palm of your hand when it comes to your home. 

Koble Smart Home Singapore

This smart home in Singapore is not only an excellent host but an intuitive home. The schedules of the family members differ from one another, but that is no issue for a smart home. Each room in the house has its own unique scene settings that have been customized to its specific family member. For example, the master bedroom has the most stunning view of the city, but bears the brunt of the afternoon sun. The homeowners have set their automated curtains to close from 1PM to 4PM everyday to prevent the room from overheating. They also have their smart water heater switch set to their daily schedule for ease of convenience. 

With the freedom and flexibility of scene customisation, even the mother of this household who was initially skeptical about the tech, has come to embrace a smarter life.  

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