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A Smart Home Can Improve Your Life in 7 Surprising Ways

November 16, 2022

A Smart Home Can Improve Your Life in 7 Surprising Ways

Smart Home Benefits- Back in the day, nobody would have believed that one can control everything in their home with just a simple tap on a mobile app or a voice command. As technology developed, all that has changed. Living in a smart home in Singapore is no longer just a pipe dream.

Homeowners in Singapore are embracing the idea of home automation. According to the 2022 Statista Singapore Smart Home Outlook, up to 33.4% of homes in Singapore are fitted with smart solutions. Meanwhile, the figure is projected to reach 67.8% by 2026.

That is to say, smart homes in Singapore will reach 1.1 million by 2026.

smart home statistic in Singapore

This rapid uptake of homes with smart systems can be directly linked to how it improves the lives of people.

In this article, we will discover the following topics :

  • Explore how a smart home can improve your day-to-day life.
  • Why you should consider opting for a smart home?
  • The reliable smart home provider in Singapore

How Does a Smart Home in Singapore Improve Your Life?  

1.   It Brings Convenience To Your Life.

This is perhaps the most important factor in having a smart home in Singapore.

It goes without saying that life in Singapore is fast-paced and it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything happening. When you get home, you want to do as little as possible and enjoy hassle-free rest. This is where a smart home could help.

Having all your household appliances connected to one interface is a huge leap into a life of ease and convenience. With just a tap on your smartphone, for instance, you can set a different scene by controlling devices such as your lighting, blinds and windows, air conditioner, locks, and other home appliances.

Check out how XinLin remotely regulates devices and appliances in her home using a mobile app.

Koble x XinLin

The Hera Switch enhances convenience in a smart home and is the bestseller in Koble. From just one interface, you can manage all the smart switches from anywhere in your home. That’s not all. In addition to smartphones and smart switches, you can also take advantage of voice commands to bring convenience into your life through Google Assistant.

For example, a couple who are already in bed and remembers the kitchen light is still on may appreciate a simplified, remote-controlled way to switch it off. With a smart system, they can just turn it off using the Koble app, the Hera Switch or voice command.

2.   It Helps You Save Energy And Money.

Living in a smart home in Singapore helps you to save energy in many ways, which by extension saves you money.

First, nearly all smart devices these days come with energy-saving options. As an example, smart LED light bulbs consume a lot less energy than regular fluorescent and incandescent lights. Other smart devices include refrigerators, television sets, air conditioners, etc. Once you have these appliances and devices in your smart home, you save energy which by extension means that you also get to cut down on your energy or utility bills.

Also, a smart home allows you to increase energy efficiency with the way you use smart solutions. For instance, you can customise the air conditioner and other home appliances to go off when nobody is at home or remotely turn off smart LED light bulbs and appliances that you are not using at the moment.

With Hera Switch, it acts as a remote control for all the switches in the house. This includes TVs, gaming systems, motorised blinds, smart LED bulbs, etc.

Koble Hera Switch

Ultimately, these energy-efficient measures help you to cut out energy use and save money on energy bills. In other words, you get to enjoy maximum comfort and convenience while you save a lot of money. 

3.   It Reinforces Your Home Security.

This is a commonly requested feature of a smart home in Singapore. Seamlessly but effectively integrating your home with smart security and surveillance solutions is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to improve home security. You will feel safer and be at peace knowing that your home is smartly secured. 

At the moment, many home security and surveillance options are available, though only a few are seeing mainstream exploration. Some examples include surveillance cameras, motion detectors, automated door locks, and smart doorbells. Incorporating them into a home security system improves your household security.

What’s more, you can activate them by simply tapping on your smartphone (using the KOBLE app), smart switch (eg. Hera Switch), or a simple voice command. And you can rest well knowing that your home is safe.  

Even when you are not at home, you can receive security alerts for sudden temperature changes, possible water leaks, and other household issues. A smart camera allows you to monitor the situation in and around your smart home in real time from wherever you are. Also, just by simply connecting a smart doorbell to your Hera Switch, you can instantly see who is at the door or gate.

Watch the video below to see how XinLin uses a smart doorbell to confirm the identity of someone at the door before opening it.

Koble Smart Doorbell x XinLin

4.   It Helps With Keeping Watch On Minors And Adult Dependents.

According to a survey, 79% of young couples in Singapore said they would consider living in a smart home. Once you learn that most young couples in the country are professionals with children, this figure goes from impressive to understandable.

A smart home presents young working parents with two great options.

First, you can install smart features in your home to allow you to keep an eye on your kids. For example, a smart lock will ensure no one can enter your home while you are away and a smart doorbell will help your kids easily check who’s at the door before they open the door. This also works perfectly if you have elderly relatives staying with you or a pet that you leave at home. In case of an emergency, you or a preset smart home function can notify the nearest medical centres.

Second, you can hire a babysitter or caregiver to mind your kids and elderly relatives while you monitor them through a smart monitor connected to your smartphone. This way, you can ensure that the babysitter and caregiver are effectively doing what they are supposed to.

A smart home in Singapore is more than a mere luxury, it’s a necessity for working parents.

5.   It Offers Home Management Insights.

Living in a smart home in Singapore means that you have new insights into how your home operates, which, if you consider it, is really just an insight into how you lead your day-to-day life. The insights include how many hours you spend watching TV or the food you store in your refrigerator to review your energy consumption habits.

From these insights, you can discover which of your daily habits you may want to change or modify. For instance, let’s say your insight reveals that you eat a lot of junk food from the refrigerator. You might want to take steps to eat right. Or maybe finding out you spend too much time watching TV might be all you need to realise which activity consumes most of your productive hours.

A smart home can literally help you live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

6.   It Allows You to Customise Preferences.

The average human being is said to make about 35,000 decisions each day, including what to eat, which lights should stay off, which blind should stay down, and which shows to watch, to mention only a few.

A smart home, however, functions to reduce or simplify the number of decisions you would have to make daily, especially when it concerns your household. Smart homes are typically equipped with smart solutions that you can set to your preference. For example, which lights should go off at certain hours of the day or which settings should kick in when certain home modes are activated.

In the video below, you can see how easily XinLin could switch to the home office mode just by using the voice command.

A smart home takes note of your preferences and activates whenever you want it, thereby saving you the time and energy you would have otherwise spent making the same decision over again.

7.   It Encourages Interconnectivity.

One of the greatest sources of comfort and convenience in home automation is the ability to link one smart solution to another.

To improve your home security, for instance, you can link your motion detector sensors to your alarm and floodlight. Or you can connect your smart TV to your speaker and control both of them from your smartphone without leaving your seat.

For example, in this video, XinLin seamlessly combines the KOBLE mobile app and Google Assistant to switch her kitchen to cooking mode.

What’s next?

Now that you know how smart solutions in your house can so interestingly improve your day-to-day life, the next natural step is to find a trusted brand that can build you a custom smart home in Singapore.

Well, KOBLE will be your best bet!

Why Choose KOBLE to Build You a Smart Home in Singapore?

In Singapore, thousands of homeowners rely on  KOBLE to set up their smart homes every day.

Here’s why:

1.   Trust.

Koble is hands down the most trusted smart home provider in Singapore.

Check out this video to see a smart home that KOBLE helped set up here in Singapore.

2.   Widest Range of Compatible Brands.

KOBLE offers your smart home compatibility with a wide range of smart hubs and devices.

Widest Range of Compatible Brands with Koble Product

3.   KOBLE App

When KOBLE sets up your home, it comes with its all-in-one app that gives you exclusive, unfiltered remote access. Find out more about the app here.

4.   Affordability.

Besides being transparent, KOBLE offers one of the most affordable smart home sets up in Singapore. One more thing, unlike most smart home providers in Singapore, KOBLE doesn’t require a subscription.

Koble Package 2022

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Conclusion: Get started on your own smart home journey!

Smart homes are here to stay. The sooner you get on board, the quicker you start to enjoy the life of ease, comfort, and convenience that only a smart home can offer. Welcome home automation and goodbye to inefficiency forever!

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