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Illuminate Your Parking Experience with Smart Parking Lot Lighting

Our Smart Parking Lot Lighting solutions are designed to enhance safety, security, and energy efficiency. With advanced sensors and automated controls, our smart lighting systems intelligently adapt to real-time conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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Pain Points in Traditional Parking Lot Lighting

Identifying Challenges for Better Lighting Solutions

High Energy Consumption

Continuous lighting, operating 24/7, wastes energy and accelerates light decay due to continuous full-power usage.

Poor Experience

Traditional lighting control relies heavily on circuits and cannot be flexibly controlled by zones. Additionally, traditional motion sensor lights offer limited sensing and lighting adjustment capabilities, leading to a dim visible range.

Inefficient Operations and Maintenance

Parking lot lighting faces inefficient troubleshooting, frequent manual inspections, poor service ticket management, driving up operational costs, and challenging asset management and O&M.

Discover Koble’s Smart Parking Lot Lighting Solution, equipped with IoT-enabled control capabilities that span hardware devices, installation tools, and software control platforms, catering to every stage of the process. Whether it’s for newly constructed parking lots or those undergoing reconstruction or upgrades, our solution fits seamlessly. Benefit from intuitive management platforms for easy product maintenance and operations, empowering intelligent business practices while cutting down on management costs.

Cost Savings on Energy Consumption

Our Smart Parking Lot Lighting system offers dynamic control, automatically adjusting brightness based on activity. For example, it operates at 80% brightness during peak hours and dims to 20% during early mornings. When motion is detected, the lights fully activate at 18W and dim to 3W during inactivity, ensuring optimal lighting while minimizing energy use and cutting costs.

Enhanced Lighting Control

Customizable lighting scenes suit any environment or activity, boosting productivity and comfort. Picture lights brightening along a straight lane as vehicles approach, guiding smoothly. At turning lanes and crossroads, synced illumination enhances driver visibility and safety. Effortlessly manage multiple lights with group control, ensuring an optimal lighting experience tailored to every need.

Efficient Operations and Maintenance

Maintenance management features efficiently track and schedule tasks. Operation management tools, including device monitoring and event customization, enhance system reliability. In case of malfunction, users can swiftly identify and replace parts, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

Stable & Secured Wireless Network

Choose either a LAN or cloud-based control method. Both offers encrypted data transmission with excellent track record of >99% uptime.

Bluetooth Parking Lot Lighting Solution

Our lights illuminate upon detecting vehicle or human motion, automatically dimming when inactive. Enjoy reduced electricity costs, heightened safety with effective lighting, and embrace an environmentally friendly solution.

Group/Zone Sensing

Illuminate your path with precision using our advanced group/zone sensing technology. Our lights activate sequentially along your travel route, ensuring optimal visibility ahead. Customize the lighting range to suit your needs, providing tailored illumination where it’s needed most.

Upon motion detection in intersection areas, lights from multiple directions illuminate simultaneously, offering comprehensive coverage. Customize the lighting range to meet specific requirements, delivering personalized lighting solutions for any environment.

Energy Management

Empower users with real-time insights into energy consumption through our intuitive monitoring system. Stay informed and in control, optimizing energy management to maximize savings while minimizing costs.

Project Dashboard
Energy Data Overview
Energy Consumption Report Export

Refined Energy Consumption Management and Control

Track and analyze your carbon footprint effortlessly with our advanced statistics. Stay informed about your environmental impact and make informed decisions to reduce emissions effectively.

Carbon Emission Statistics
Carbon Footprint Tracking
Energy Consumption Management And Control, And Alerts On Excessive Uses

Energy Saving Data

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