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Smart Lighting, Air Conditioner & Smart Switches

Your answer to ultimate comfort

  • Temperatures adjusted automatically

  • Preset scenes for convenience

  • Scheduling for routines

  • Voice control

  • Ambience for every activity

  • Brightness control

  • Support your sleep cycle

  • Control remotely

The Ultimate Setup

Customise settings to your desire

Make every moment at home special with Koble’s smart home system. Customise smart lighting, fans, and room temperature settings with the Koble app.

Simplify routines to one click & less

Settle your bed time and leave-home routine with one click of our smart switch, app controls, or simply with your voice.

Make life better with automation

Automate your lights and air conditioner’s power on/off timings with daily scheduling. Your room can now pre-cool itself before bedtime, and wake you up in the morning.

Home Entertainment System

Get your entire entertainment room into movie mode with a single tap of a button. Have the lights dim, the curtain drawn, the projector ready, and AC set to a preferred temperature. Check out how we build a smart home for this multi-generational family.

The Smart Switch That Fits

In More Ways Than One

No Wiring or Rewiring Needed For Your Home

Save on the hassle, hacking and rewiring fees when you opt for our Koble Smart Switches. This minimalistic switch fits into every household and gets the job done. No neutral wire required. Find out the difference between neutral and no neutral smart switch

Assign A Scene To Each Button

Always forgetting what each switch is for? Customise and have each switch labelled to reflect what it does. You'll never have to second-guess which switch to press ever again. We provide installation services as well.

Easily Configurable For Multi-way Control

Want to control your smart devices from more than one location? With our Smart Switch, you can now do so by turning it into a two way switch. No hacking is required.

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Create unique scenarios within the Koble ecosystem and it’s seamlessly integrated into the powerful Hera Smart Switch.

Powered by a PX30 quad core cortex and A35 CPU, the Hera Smart Switch is the Smart Home Control Center. Link your media, scene control, home security and fire alarm systems and have them all at your disposal from a single device.

Being the interior designer’s number 1 choice with it’s anti-fingerprint matte surface and clean-cut black edges, the Hera Smart Switch is designed to bring functionality, convenience and style to your home.

Position the Hera Smart Switch in common areas to activate your favourite scenes.
Spend time with family and entertain guests without compromising your home aesthetic, will enjoying the convenience of complete control over your smart devices. Supports multiple languages as well

Our smart hub is accredited under the Cyber Security Labelling Scheme Manufactures need to meet strict security standards in order to get an accreditation.

The Pro Series Smart Switches are made with a tempered glass surface and an aluminium rounded edge, streamlined joint between frame and surface. It has a sensitive touch and dimmed indicative lights at night for ease of access regardless of the situation and circumstantial lighting.

Turn on and off the lights and fans in your home with ease through the manual remote, and voice modes of control offered. For greater efficiency, configure the smart switches to group commonly used devices together, and have them turn on (or off) with the press of one button when needed.

Our Pro Series Switch is accredited under the Cyber Security Labelling Scheme Manufactures need to meet strict security standards in order to get an accreditation.

With streamlined rounded edges, an anti-fingerprint matte surface, a shortened click motion and a dual tone indicative light, Koble R Series Smart Switches are the minimalistic staple.

Koble R Series Dimmer Smart Switches have a distinctive, sensitive touch for on and off. It is designed with streamlined rounded edges, intuitive up-down brightness adjustment and dimmed pulsing indicative light at night.

Complement your home interior with our assortment of Koble R Series Smart Switches, powered by Zigbee. Available in Ivory White and Midnight Black, our stylish and functional switches allow you to retain your favourite smart home functions (e.g. voice, app, and touch control) while putting a spin on the traditional colour palette and switch design.

Turn on your water heater in style by installing our sleek Smart Water Heater Touch Switches by your bathrooms.

Offering voice, app and touch control, along with the ability to schedule and automate when the water heater is turned on, ward against forgetting to turn on the heater before a shower for greater comfort and convenience.

Save pre-sets for your favourite scenes such as turning off all lights and turning on the aircon before sleeping, or drawing the curtains to your desired position, and gain easy control with a press of a physical button.

Add more fun and colour to your home with RGB Light Strips that come in a wide spectrum of different colours.

With over 16 million colours to choose from, you can pre-set your favourites, and create the perfect scene for any setting through app control or voice commands.

Link the RGB Light Strip to other smart devices like your Contact Sensors or Motion Sensors and have them turn on automatically for greater convenience.

Smart GU10

Effortlessly transform your space with our Smart GU10. With over 16 million colors to choose from and adjustable white tones, these lights cater to your every lighting need.

Seamlessly integrate into your smart home, control brightness, color, and ambiance with ease via our user-friendly app or voice commands. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling, creating scenes, and setting the perfect mood for any occasion.

Gain both app and voice commands over smart appliances, such as your air conditioner, TV and media box, and be able to turn them on or off, and adjust their settings wherever you are.

For the perfect Smart Life experience, take convenience a step further by creating different settings pre-sets and scheduled routines (e.g. pre-cooling your house before you reach home).

Compatible Brands

Compatible with 100+ Infrared Fan Brands & 300+ Infrared Airconditioner Brands