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Security & Sensors

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Best of Both Worlds


Through smart automation via smart sensors, you can now have a virtual butler of your own to help facilitate processes at home. Have the lights turn on at night when you get out of bed, and all the appliances turn off when sensors detect you have left the house. Life has never been more convenient.


With sensors, cameras and alarms to notify you in the event of any mishaps at home, you can leave for work or your day out with a peace of mind. Fret not about any home deliveries as well, our adept Smart Security system enabling you to receive your deliveries remotely even when you are out.

Monitor Your Home Anywhere, Anytime

If receiving alarms and notifications isn’t quite enough for you, view what’s happening at home 24/7 with a security camera setup that streams live via your app. Footage can also be recorded for future reference when needed.

Security & Ease Within a Tap

For Living Safely, Smartly

Control Home Access with Remote App Controls

Never worry about leaving your keys at home again. With our smart digital door lock offering 5 ways to unlock your door (via fingerprint, app control, or through temporary, dynamic or pre-set passcodes), have the flexibility you need to grant home access easily and securely.

Track Past Events and Records Easily

Our smart security system from our detection sensors to our smart digital door lock saves historical records to allow you to keep track of what happens at home. Simply open up your Koble app to find out what happened on a particular day, for better clarity and peace of mind.

Intelligent Control with Multi-scene settings

Beyond being fitted with reliable detection sensors, our security devices can be managed individually via the app. Be notified when your sensors are running low on power, and review status updates from the self-check functions.

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Z Clutch Door / Gate Lock

Suitable for installation even on glass doors, gates and more, the smart gate and door lock provides a layer of added security for your home in a convenient manner with our Smart Door locks!

Unlock your door through multiple ways, and gain secure access through fingerprint scanning, one-time or long-term passwords, or even through the Koble app.

Z Grip Smart
Door Lock

With our Smart Door Lock, you can kiss those worries about lost keys goodbye. Say hello to keyless entry, allowing you to unlock your door effortlessly with a simple tap on your smartphone. Whether you’re at work, running errands, or on vacation, you can remotely control and monitor access to your home.

This smart door lock supports multiple access methods, including fingerprint, password, NFC, and traditional key, ensuring you have the flexibility you need.

Z Force Smart
Door Lock

The ultimate solution for convenient and secure access to your home or office. With app remote control, you can easily manage and monitor your door from anywhere. This smart door lock supports multiple access methods, including fingerprint, password, NFC, and traditional key, ensuring you have the flexibility you need.

The dynamic password feature adds an extra layer of security by generating unique codes for each user. You can easily grant access to family members or authorized individuals, while also setting temporary passwords for guests or service providers.

Smart Video Doorbell

Be notified when there are guests at the door with a Smart Video Doorbell.

Equipped with PIR body detection, a 1080P FHD Camera with 140 degree wide angle view, and the ability to play pre-recorded voice messages, find out who is paying you a visit and interact with them remotely from your phone.

Smart Indoor Camera

Monitor activities at home and find out what your loved ones and pets are up to remotely from your phone app.

Equipped with 1080P HD video and night vision capabilities, Indoor Security Cameras provide you with live-video footage and can be linked up with additional security devices for a greater peace of mind.

Smart Outdoor Camera

Secure your home and monitor your home corridors and doorway for any suspicious activity with our Outdoor Security Cameras.

Capable of filming in 1080P HD, be it day or night, the IP65 rated Outdoor Security Camera can deliver you live footage of the happenings outside your home, viewable straight from your phone app. Integrate it with other smart security devices for greater enhanced security overall.

Indoor Camera 5MP POE

Immerse yourself in a new era of surveillance with our Indoor Camera 5MP POE, boasting a 360-degree PTZ rotation for comprehensive coverage. Stay one step ahead with advanced features such as human body detection, motion detection recording, sound tracking, and auto-focus functionality.

Our camera is designed to intelligently respond to your environment, ensuring you’re always in control.


Outdoor Camera 5MP POE

Discover the pinnacle of outdoor security with our Outdoor Camera 5MP POE. Equipped with advanced features such as human body detection, sound tracking, and auto-focus for unparalleled vigilance. With motion detection recording and activated LEDs in night view, our camera ensures your safety with every detail captured. Elevate your home’s safety effortlessly.

4 Channel POE NVR

Introducing our 4 Channel POE NVR, a powerhouse for seamless video recording. Experience seamless surveillance with support for Master-Substream video recording, ensuring optimal clarity and efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of full-channel playback, allowing you to review every detail effortlessly. With dual-output capability, this device supports VGA and HDMI output simultaneously, providing flexibility in viewing options.

8 Channel POE NVR

Elevate your surveillance with our 8 Channel POE NVR, expanding your capabilities for comprehensive video management. Experience the same advanced features as the 4-channel counterpart, now with increased capacity for broader coverage and enhanced monitoring. Enjoy the flexibility of dual-output support for VGA and HDMI, ensuring your security needs are met with precision and efficiency.

16 Channel POE NVR

Transform your security landscape with our 16 Channel POE NVR. Easily access remote monitoring through local storage on iPhone and Android devices. Enjoy multi-browser support and simultaneous VGA/HDMI output. Benefit from robust network services, multi-language support, and customizable interfaces. The main mode offers both main stream and sub-stream recording, along with full-channel playback for comprehensive surveillance.

Smart Smoke Sensor

Detect smoke, and be alerted to the potential of any fire at home. The imported double sensors activates a buzzer within 2 seconds of detecting any smoke, along with a 120db high-pitched alarm and an in-app push alarm message.

The Smart Smoke Sensor can be controlled remotely via the app, and is equipped with historical record search functionality, and self-check functionality to provide you with status updates.

Smart Gas Sensor

Capable of detecting natural gas, methane, coal gas and liquefied gas, the Smart Gas Sensor ensures that you are notified in the event of a gas leak at home.

Equipped with a pair of imported sensors, our Smart Gas Sensor reacts within 2 seconds upon detecting any combustible gas, and sets off a buzzer alarm that is accompanied by a flashing LED indicator light.

Manage and control the sensor remotely via the app for greater integration and convenience.

Smart Water Leak Sensor

Detect if there is a water leak in your home with the Smart Water Leak Sensor and be prompted via your phone to take necessary action when required.

With ultra-low power consumption, the Smart Water Leak Sensor can be a good long-term implementation for added home security.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Create new automation routines and rules for greater comfort and convenience within your smart home, by linking your smart home appliances and systems with our Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Motion Sensor

Designed to be easy to install and integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices.

With our Motion Sensor, you can detect movement and activate a response, such as turning on lights, sounding an alarm, or sending an alert to your smartphone.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your property is being monitored 24/7, even when you’re not there.

Contact Sensor

Our Contact Sensor provides real-time monitoring of the status of doors and windows.

Integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices for scenario linkage. For example, to activate automatic light switching when a door is opened.




Presence Sensor

With its ceiling-mount feature, installation has never been easier, making it hassle-free for you to enjoy the benefits it brings.

It functions as both a motion and light sensor, making it smarter and more efficient in detecting movements and illuminating your surroundings. Plus, it comes with a sophisticated fall detection feature that triggers an alarm and sends important alerts straight to your KOBLE app in the event of an emergency, giving you peace of mind and the ability to quickly respond to potential accidents.