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Small Home Appliances

Small in size, big in benefits

  • Schedule appliances to turn on and off to match routines

  • Turn regular appliances into smart appliances

  • Control with just your voice

  • Automate processes e.g. pet feeding and vacuum cleaning

  • Reduce waiting time for routine tasks

  • Control remotely from your phone

Powering Conveniences

Smarten Your Household Devices

Not all devices are built smart, but with Koble’s smart plug, you can now seamlessly integrate your devices into your smart home setup. For compatible devices, via the smart plug, gain the ability to turn them on and off straight from the Koble app, and incorporate them into your daily schedule.

Schedule Tasks for when You’re Away

With smart home appliances, it is now possible to accomplish tasks you previously couldn’t remotely do from the quarters of your office. Schedule your pet feeder to feed your beloved pet during meal times, or your cleaning robot to vacuum the house right before you get home.

Reduce Waiting Time with Automation

Rather than waiting around for the water to boil or for your phone to charge, automate your devices to start performing the task while you’re on the way home or before you wake. These are just some ways in which automation can help facilitate your lifestyle.

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Smart Plug

Turn your home appliances into smart home appliances and boost your convenience to the next level.

Via our Smart Plug, compatible home appliances and devices may now be controlled remotely via app, allowing you to manage, schedule and automate scenes and routines that you could not before.

Smart Cleaning Robot

Automate cleaning at home by scheduling the Smart Cleaning Robot to perform its cleaning duties on a routine basis or when you are away, and dictating areas and zones that you would like to have cleaned or left alone.

Controllable and manageable via app, the Smart Cleaning Robot’s in-built mapping function also allows you to view its intended cleaning route and track its whereabouts, making its progress traceable even when used remotely.

Smart Emergency Button

Stay safe and secure with our Smart Emergency Button – the ultimate emergency response system that provides peace of mind to individuals and businesses

With just one click of a button, you can instantly alert your loved ones or the authorities in case of an emergency.

With its built-in battery, the Smart Emergency Button works even during power outages. This sleek and compact button can be easily installed in any room of your home.