App Updates

Support lightning-fast pairing method

Lightning-fast pairing is a non-sensory pairing method that enables non-sensory interconnection with lightning-fast pairing router by updating the firmware of Tuya IoT devices. Each device has a specific key dynamically generated by the cloud. It will greatly enhance the pairing efficiency and improve information security.

Bluetooth single point connection optimization

Support keeping Android service running when the app is killed. This new feature will improve your experience with our Bluetooth products. You will be able to manage all data generated by external health products together by synchronizing the data to Apple’s built-in health app - Apple health.

Manual Bluetooth pairing process optimization

Support adding multiple devices at one time. The efficiency and success ratio of Bluetooth pairing will be improved and you will no longer be restricted to add one device only at a time.

Gateway failover

Support gateway failover. The failed gateway will be replaced by a new one, after which the sub-devices and related scene functions will be migrated to the new gateway.

Anti-Loss devices and icon optimization

This optimization involves anti-loss devices and icon settings. In addition to the existing icons of Take Photo and Select from Album in the preset icons of device details for anti-loss devices, we added Select an Icon where provides useful and great-looking icons such as keys, wallets, backpacks, and luggage.

Scene service experience optimization 2.0

Further optimize the scene services experience, enable the automated conditional setting of schedule limits, and adapt to iOS14 for accurate geolocation.

Scene switch supports selectable step range

The selectable step range for each scene switch support action has been optimized. For example, the WiFi scene switch configuration scene action supports the numerical DP selectable step adjustment of some categories; the Zigbee scene switch supports the numerical DP selectable step adjustment of some categories for the full protocol panel; the scene created by the App tab page supports the numerical DP.

Users can enter device panel (Bluetooth and dual mode) when location access is not enabled

If the device (Bluetooth or Dual mode) is offline, notification will pop up to remind users to enable location permission. Users can directly enter device panel or turn to phone system to enable location access.

Add the Bluetooth Tracker

If the App is kept in the background or shut down, Bluetooth tracker can use a beacon to activate the App and locate the phone. As long as the tracker and phone is within communication range, the tracker can make phone ring no matter App is in the forefront or not.

Added guide for registration verification

Guide users to complete registration when they have trouble receiving the verification code.

Scene Optimization

Optimize smart scene experience which includes the following features:Need users to double-confirm when they give up saving the scene;Save data from scene for the device even if it is reset;Change device number to task number.

【Add to Home screen】feature optimization

Enable a shortcut to be added to the Home screen for Android system. Users can successfully open the page via the shortcut even with the home switched.

Optimize the process of sharing gateways and sub-devices

Link your current account to Apple ID

Users can now use apple ID to log into Koble app.

Support the Temperature symbol °C/°F switch

Users are able to change the temperature scale displayed in all app scenes and automations.

After user selects which regions should be cleaned, they can still see the areas they have chosen after they reenter the UI
  • Select region to clean:Select multiple regions and start to clean. If users exit product panel and enter again, they can identify the region that is being cleaned now via different colors;
  • Appointment:Select regions to make appointments for cleaning and save change. Users can identify the selected regions via different colors.

Support the additional automation conditions with regards to sunrise and sunset

Before, we were only able to set a period of time after sunrise or sunset to trigger an automation, now we have added pre-sunrise and pre-sunset time conditions.

Invite unregistered users to enter a home by an invitation code
  • Invite unregistered users to join a home via a third-party app by sharing an invitation code

Support the delete of multiple offline devices

Users can delete a bunch of devices on the device management page.

Added view scene logs

Click “Logs” to view scene logs:

  • View scene logs by time in descending order
  • Show logs history by default every time the users enter this page
  • Save scene logs for the last seven days at most
  • Users can edit the corresponding scene by tapping into each scene log
Optimised User Management interface

To protect the user's privacy, parts of the user's email/phone number is censored. Only administrator and home creators are able to view all member information.

Alarm notification optimization

The Alarm notification will show on the screen while the user is using the App.

Button added to view all Smart Camera device information in one screen in Topbar

If there are two or more Smart Camera devices in one home, Topbar will show the button for viewing all the Smart Camera devices in one screen. By adding this button in the Topbar, user can access the function in one click, improving user experience.

Show guidance when connecting Smart Camera device

When a user adds a second Smart Camera device, this guide will appear on the homepage. (It will only appear one time.)

Mark messages as read in Message Center

For alarm messages in the Message Center, users can now mark multiple or all messages as read.

After creating the group of devices, user can change the device icon

Users can choose to select a picture or take a photo to change the device icon.

Automatic location setting

The city in automation condition is set based on the location of your home.