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Best Sonos Speaker to Buy for your Smart Home

November 15, 2020

Best Sonos Speaker to Buy for your Smart Home

Smart Home Sound System – Whether you’re a new initiate to the smart home ecosystem or a veteran smart home junkie, the names Google Nest, Echo, and Apple’s latest Homepod are likely to ring a strong bell to you. Virtual assistants packaged in the form of smart speakers, these products form the essential building blocks of most smart homes, connecting homeowners to their smart devices through quick and convenient voice commands.

Not entirely a new kid on the block, the brand Sonos lends a new edge to existing smart speakers. It combines built-in voice assistants from Google Home and Alexa altogether with an impressive sound system. For audiophiles and anyone looking for a reliable smart speaker, Sonos hence presents an interesting offer – unrivalled sound performance with smart capabilities. But which Sonos product should you get? We compare three of Sonos’ top products below.

Best Sonos Speaker for Your Smart Home


Sonos One

For casual music listeners starting out on their smart home journey

Sonos One

Image Credit: Sonos

Retail price in Singapore: $329


  • Entry-level price
  • Compact design


  • Not suitable for TV use
  • No Dolby Atmos feature

While more pricey than some of the other entry-level smart speakers available in the market, the Sonos One remains one of the best smart speakers that you can buy in Singapore today at its price point.

Priced slightly below $350, the Sonos One pulls its weight by being a versatile sound piece with fantastic sound speakers. It fits just about anywhere in your home via its humidity resistant design (bathroom music connoisseurs rejoice!) It also offers two voice assistants, Google Assistant and Alexa, which grants you easy voice control access to other smart devices in your home. With the initial setup easy for even newcomers to the smart home journey, the Sonos One is a perfect starting product for anyone transitioning into their smart home.

The one main caveat? The Sonos One is designed for internet streaming. As such, the Sonos One comes without any supported cords or ports for connecting to your TV set. So if you’re hoping to find a sound system alternative for your home theatre, it’s time to consider Sonos’ next two alternatives – the Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc.


Sonos Beam

For smart home owners looking for a TV sound system alternative

Sonos Beam

Image Credit: iF Design

Retail price in Singapore: $699


  • Entry-level soundbar for smart tv
  • HDMI connection
  • Exceptional sound and bass


  • Less portable in comparison to the Sonos One

Looking to amp up your smart TV’s sound speakers? The Sonos Beam accomplishes more than just that. Sonos claims that the Beam is tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers, making it a stellar product for anyone looking to upgrade their TV sound system, while still enjoying the benefits that come along with a smart speaker.

Much like the Sonos One, the Sonos Beam also complements users’ smart homes by providing voice assistant integration to both Google Home and Alexa. For those who own more than one Sonos speaker, the list of possibilities expand further with Sonos speakers being configurable to ‘talk’ to each other. This could translate to utilising the Sonos Beam and additional Sonos speakers as an intercom throughout the house, or even as a stereo sound system to blast music throughout the house. With its rich and detailed sound profile and sleek design, there’s certainly much to like about the Sonos Beam.


Sonos Arc

For audiophiles, movie lovers, and home theater owners

Sonos Arc

Image Credit: Sonos

Retail price in Singapore: $1,499


  • Realistic listening experience for sound enthusiasts, movie lovers, and gamers
  • Powered by Dolby Atmos feature
  • Perfect soundbar for large smart tv


  • Pricier than other Sonos speakers

If you’re hoping to develop your personal home theatre, the Sonos Arc may be your choice pick. Totalling 114cm, and slightly longer than the width of a 49” smart TV, the Sonos Arc is brimming with features, with a standout being its Dolby Atmos cinematic sound.

Providing an immersive sound experience in addition to in-built voice assistant capabilities by Google Home and Alexa, the Sonos Arc creates the perfect stage for playing your favourite movies, TV series, and stay-at-home games. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the Sonos Arc costs a whopping $1,499 at regular retail price, making it the most expensive Sonos speaker in our lineup, and a product those on a budget may have to reconsider.

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Sonos speakers can be a great complement to any smart home. Depending on your personal needs, preferences and budget, a different Sonos product would also be best suited for you.

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