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Illuminating Success with Smart Parking Lot Lights

June 14, 2024

Illuminating Success with Smart Parking Lot Lights

Smart Car Park Lighting – When it comes to lighting up parking lots, real success stories carry more weight than just promises. Our Smart Parking Lot Lighting solution has been leading the charge in turning the mundane task of lighting into something efficient and innovative. Through real-life examples and tangible results, let’s take a closer look at how our technology has made a real difference, tackling problems head-on, offering solutions, and achieving impressive results.

Shanghai Building Design Center

Challenge: The Shanghai Building Design Center faced the daunting task of reducing energy consumption while enhancing safety and user experience in its parking lot. With conventional lighting systems consuming excessive energy and providing inadequate illumination, the centre sought a solution that would balance energy efficiency with effective smart lighting.

Solution: Smart Parking Lot Lights were deployed, equipped with advanced sensors for motion detection and automatic dimming capabilities. By harnessing the power of IoT-enabled control, smart lighting solutions managed to optimise energy usage without compromising safety or user experience.

Shanghai Building Design Center Carpark Lighting Solution


  • Sensor-Based Automation: Area-based automatic dimming increases brightness when people/vehicles are detected and maintains low illuminance after they leave, resulting in a saving of 12 hours of full brightness illumination per day.
  • Energy Saving: This solution exceeded expectations, significantly reducing the centre’s energy consumption. By automatically dimming lights during periods of inactivity, this technology achieved a remarkable 78.3% energy saving, with an average daily saving of 47.99 kWh.

State Grid Corporation of China

Challenge: The State Grid Corporation of China, responsible for managing vast parking facilities, faced the dual challenge of optimising energy usage and streamlining maintenance operations. With traditional lighting systems proving inefficient and maintenance-intensive, the corporation sought a solution that would deliver energy savings while reducing operational costs.

Solution: Smart Parking Lights solution was implemented, featuring efficient energy management and maintenance monitoring capabilities. By leveraging advanced IoT technology, this solution promised to deliver significant energy savings and streamline maintenance operations.


  • Enhanced User Experience: The Smart Parking Lot System adjusts light levels based on vehicle detection, maintaining lights at 10% of their full brightness under normal conditions. It increases brightness for three lights in front of moving vehicles to enhance drivers’ experience.
  • Energy Saving: This solution delivered tangible results, leading to a substantial reduction in the corporation’s daily power consumption. Achieving an impressive 79% energy saving, with an average daily saving of 64.7 kWh, the system managed to optimise energy usage and reduce operational costs significantly.
  • Device O&M Efficiency Increased: Unified light management on the cloud enables efficient service ticket assignment for troubleshooting and tracking of repair records, saving 2/3 of average maintenance time. In-situ replacement reduces single-light maintenance time to 0.3 person-days.

Chengdu Airport International

Challenge: Chengdu Airport International, one of the busiest airports in China, faced the challenge of enhancing user experience and reducing energy consumption in its expansive parking lot. With conventional lighting systems failing to meet the airport’s sustainability goals, the management sought a solution that would deliver efficient lighting while enhancing safety and comfort for patrons.

Solution: The Smart Parking Light Solution was deployed, offering customizable lighting control and energy-saving features tailored to the airport’s unique requirements. By combining advanced sensor technology with intuitive control capabilities, the solution promised to deliver superior illumination while achieving significant energy savings.


  • Energy Saving: The solution proved instrumental in reducing the airport’s daily power consumption, contributing to its sustainability efforts. By implementing precision illumination based on area and vehicle detection, the technology achieved a remarkable 70.4% energy saving, with an average daily saving of 71.9 kWh. We optimised energy usage without compromising safety or user experience.
  • Improved User Experience: Airport patrons benefited from an enhanced parking lot experience, thanks to the Smart Parking Light System. Tailored lighting control and precision illumination ensured optimal visibility and safety, enhancing the overall user experience for travellers and visitors alike.

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These case studies illustrate the transformative impact of the Smart Parking Light System in real-world applications.  By addressing the challenges of energy consumption, maintenance, and user experience head-on, this technology has revolutionised parking lot illumination, setting new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. As these success stories demonstrate, with the Smart Parking Light System, the future of car park  lighting is not only brighter but also more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly.

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