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Smart Home

Dive Into Luxury By Automation

February 15, 2023

Dive Into Luxury By Automation

Convenience and luxury need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to constructing a smart home. When the homeowners staying at Ritz Carlton Residences approached Koble, they were looking for a sleek, guest friendly, and seamlessly connected smart home system that suited their lifestyle. Take a look at what Koble has done for them!

The homeowners wanted their walls to clear. So, we’ve done away with the clutter of conventional switches and fitted each room with Koble wall-mounted tablet. This allows for the control of the space with a single device. By programming quick control buttons, also known as scenes, homeowners can enjoy the ease of convenience regardless of the room.

Scenes also serve to provide ease of function without distracting from the overall atmosphere of the house. This is especially important in the Tatami room, which was made for entertaining. Guests can soak in the elegant space that is further elevated by the discretion of the single wall-mounted tablet. The homeowners have complete control over the room with a single touch – from adjusting blinds, to dimming lights for atmospheric purposes.

In the living room where the family watches television, it can be programmed to a scene called movie mode. When activated, the lights turn off and the curtains draw whilst the projector screen raises and the projector turns on. All from the click of a button – leaving more time for grabbing a snack or two to curl up on the comfort of the couch. No more scurrying around to make sure all the lights are off!

Areas that are controllable also include the homeowner’s personal office where a wine cellar, pantry, and balcony are located. All of which are easily accessible from the Koble smart home system app and the wall-mounted tablet.

It is where you rest that is the most important. Koble has taken extra care to program basic scenes for all of the bedrooms in the house. These were made to integrate seamlessly into the family’s lifestyles.

  • Bath Time Scene: When activated, the wardrobe and bathroom light turn on whilst the Venetian blinds lower for privacy.
  • Leave Room Scene: When activated, everything from the lights, air conditioning and heaters in the room turn off.
  • Sleep Scene: When activated, the lights turn off whilst the night curtains draw and the air conditioner turns off at the preferred temperature.

To add an even more personal touch, the Koble team customised schedules that were unique to the individual family member’s schedules and personal preferences. By understanding the family member’s daily routine, household appliances such as the water heater were scheduled to activate a half hour before they woke. This feature is automated and can be adjusted according to the day required.

Some of the windows in the house are facing west where the sun shines the hardest at noon. Koble programmed the smart home system to automatically draw the day curtains daily. This will regulate the fluctuations in temperature throughout the day. Hence, It becomes the little touches that make a home.

Comfort and convenience is what Koble brings to the home!

Get started on your own smart home journey!

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For HDB or new BTO homeowners, you may also check out our HDB smart home packages or read up on the 5 things to consider before starting your smart home journey.

Get the smarter life you deserve today!

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