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Building The Smart Home For A Multi-Generational Family

January 2, 2022

Building The Smart Home For A Multi-Generational Family

When it comes to catering to the needs of a sizable family, home automation is the way to go. The homeowners of a 4-storey bungalow at Punggol were looking to have the convenience of full control over their home. Read on to see how the best recommended team of home automation company in Singapore, Koble has done for the family.

Building home automation at this beautiful Punggol bungalow starts from the moment the homeowners drive home. The main gates to the house are voice-activated rollers linked to Siri, eliminating the fuss and frustration of fumbling for keys.

Depending on the family member that activates the roller gates, a personalised set of automation rules triggers within the house itself.

For example. When family member ‘A’ reaches home after work between 7pm to 8pm on weekdays, he usually heads straight to his ensuite bathroom to bath. Hence, the personalised automation rule for ‘A’ will be as follows:

when ‘A’ activates the roller gates between 7pm to 8pm on weekdays,

  1. the bedroom curtains will close,
  2. the bathroom lights will turn on and
  3. the water heater will be activated.

Each individual family member has their own unique set of automation rules customized to suit their lifestyle and routine.

With Koble’s app linking all of the lights and air conditioning in the house, it only takes a single button to shut down the entire 4-storey bungalow.

Activation isn’t the only thing at the homeowner’s disposal. Depending on the needs of each family member, they can also customise the tri-tone lights throughout the house from warm to cool tones. Also, Koble’s system allows for the scheduling of activation times too. At specific times of the day, the outdoor lights are set up to turn on and off without requiring any action on the homeowner’s part.

home automation Singapore

home automation Singapore at Punggol

With the home automation system, the basement has a slightly different light set-up as the area designated for entertainment.

The basement seated with the pool table, lounge for movies and drinks is fitted with RGB lights. The lights are assigned with a range of scenes that can be activated based on the activity of the day. The family have ‘Drinks Scene’ and ‘Movie Scene’ set up in their Koble app to name a few! Hosting guests and enjoying family time has never been more convenient.

home automation Singapore by KOBLE

With their elderly loved ones in mind, the homeowners install wireless smart switches. This allows their elderly to control the room’s appliances through a central remote, instead of the app. Each button of the wireless smart switch is programmaed as such: To turn on ‘appliance X’, press once. To turn ‘appliance X’ off, press twice. This means that their elderly can control the lights, fan, air conditioner and curtains using a single wireless switch. Home automation is perfect for the family members that are not as tech-savvy as the others, and also safer for elderly folk as less movement is involved.

For even more ease of use, their walk-in wardrobes have motion sensors that automate lights; making sure that the space is always lit to prevent any accidents. Curtains and blinds are no exception in this smart home. The family has full access to the curtains and blinds in both the living room and master bedrooms.

The master bedroom in this bungalow is divided into four areas with two doors; bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, toilet and outdoor terrace. With so many switches around for the different areas, the homeowner can toggle between modes to activate multiple areas instead of having to walk to each individual area. For example, the ‘goodnight mode’

  1. turns the air conditioner on,
  2. draws the curtains and
  3. automatically turns off all the lights in the master bedroom.

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