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Just One Click to Your Smart Dreamland | Smart Switches

September 6, 2022

Just One Click to Your Smart Dreamland | Smart Switches

Chic & Cosy is back for season 2, and episode 4 features KOBLE as a Smart Home Solution Partner! Watch the video below for how we seamlessly incorporated our Smart Home system into the stylish 1200 sq ft HDB. Our Smart system, controlled using Smart Switches and the KOBLE mobile app, amped-up the style and function of the beautiful home. Check it out below and remember to read till the end to find out about KOBLE’s 9.9 limited promotion.

Different Smart Modes for Different Occasions

The episode showcased a Peranakan boutique-inspired home and a rustic beach-themed home. Both displayed impressive interior decorations and came pre-installed with smart systems that delivered extra fun and convenience. Let’s dive into some of the features.

Koble smart home app scenes idea, Koble smart switch

A pleasant morning greeting – Imagine getting a lovely good morning greeting from your home to kick-start the day. As soon as the alarm wakes you up, soft music starts playing in the background, curtains are automatically drawn, ambient lighting illuminates the place, and the kettle begins boiling water for your coffee. This is your home’s way of telling you that it’s going to be a great day.

Koble smart home app scenes idea, Koble smart switch

A rousing welcome and a sweet goodbye – Your home welcomes you daily after a long day. Just as you enter, the lights come on with just the ideal brightness, curtains get drawn, and the air conditioner is tuned to a perfect temperature. All of these come together to create a cosy ambiance of what a home is meant to be. When you leave, your home winds down and the reverse occurs.

Koble app scenes idea, Koble smart switch

A gold-class theatre experience – Experience a gold-class home theatre at the click of a button. You will need just one click to draw the curtains, dim the lights, regulate the air conditioner, and turn the TV on to get the show started. Use this to surprise your date with a premium movie experience or create an unforgettable family movie night. 

Other Smart Modes

There are many more automation ideas and tricks you can play with and explore. The episode of Chic & Cosy showed only a hint of what modern smart homes can offer. Similarly, you may consider the following scenes for living in a tech-rich home using Smart Switch.

Koble smart home app scenes idea, smart office

A comfy place to work – Since the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. Hence, a smart home can turn your living area into a cosy workplace with just a click of a button. We have previously shared 5 smart home ideas to help you work from home with KOBLE smart solutions, check out the article here

Koble smart home app scenes idea, Koble smart switch

Party and Fun – Your smart home can also play the role of hospitality manager at every gathering or party you host. With a just single click or voice control, you can turn on the ambient dance floor lights as well as play your favorite playlist while you hit the floor with friends and family. 

Koble smart home app scenes idea, Koble smart switch
koble smart kitchen

Luxury dining experience – When you live in a smart home, you won’t need a special occasion to experience luxury dining. Using the KOBLE app and our Smart Switches, you can control the ambient lighting, curtains, your favourite playlist, and more. A well-controlled ambience coupled with great food shared with loved ones is one dining experience that would rival a luxury restaurant.

The Hera Smart Switch

The Hera Switch is one of our best-selling smart devices at KOBLE and it was also featured prominently in the show’s beach cottage home in Punggol. 

Meanwhile, find out more about Hera Switch in our latest article, The One & Only Smart Home You Need in 2022

Briefly About the Hera Smart Switch: 

  • Single all-in-one touch display as the perfect control center of all scenes and switches at home.
  • Links up with the surveillance cameras for safety observation of the elders and young children.
  • Compatible with the smart doorbell, which is instantly connected for video display to check out situations outside your door.
  • Can be used to open or close the main gate of a landed home.
  • Has the widest range of compatible brands.

Last but not least, make an appointment with our smart home specialists now at 9171 5362 or 9631 2643 to visit our smart home experience centre today. 

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