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The One & Only Smart Home You Need 2022

June 22, 2022

The One & Only Smart Home You Need 2022

The smart home scene has come a long way and we have seen various iterations of software and hardware upgrades. Today we will be sharing with you the one and only Smart Home App and Zigbee Smart Hub you need for your entire apartment or landed house.

  • The smart hub (Koble Hera Smart Switch)
  • Widest range of compatible brands
  • The app
  • A scalable smart home system
  • Media features & accolades
  • Let’s talk about cost

The Smart Hub (Koble Hera Smart Switch)

Koble smart hub is powered by a powerful PX30 Quad Core Cortex A35 CPU that ensures a superior user experience. This single all-in-one touch display is truly the perfect control centre for your smart home.

Have elderly relatives or young children staying with you? Simply link the surveillance cameras in their rooms to the Hera Smart Switch. Checking in on their safety without using the smartphone has never been easier.

Whether you’re expecting friends over or anticipating a parcel delivery, the Hera Smart Switch is perfect for your front door security. Simply connect a compatible smart doorbell and you’re all set. The video connection is fast and you’ll be able to see who’s there in an instant! If you’re staying in a landed house, you will be able to open/close your main gate from this same switch as well.

With our Hera Smart Switch, controlling almost anything in your smart home is possible. Check out how the curtains in our showroom are easily drawn with simple taps on the responsive touch display.

Best of all, you can create unique scenarios within the Koble ecosystem and it’s seamlessly integrated into the powerful Hera Smart Switch. Watch as we activate one of our favourite scenarios in the bedroom with a simple tap on the Hera.

Widest range of compatible brands

A wide range of smart home devices also works with Koble smart home solution. You have the likes of google home hub, and popular brands such as Philips hue, Sonos, tuya and many more.

The app

The key aspect of a smart home solution is the app itself. It needs to be robust and stable. 2 key indicators to judge the strength of the smart home app will be the number of app reviews and the frequency of app updates. To learn more about our app, you can visit Koble App

A scalable smart home system

Koble’s smart home system is also suitable and scalable for any kind of home/office profile. Tap into each image to get inspiration on how we made each space intelligent.

Building The Smart Home of The Future For A Multi-Generational Family (Tap on the image to read blog)

Ritz Carlton Residences Dive Into Luxury By Automation (Tap on the image to read blog)

Koble x HDB My Nice Home Gallery (Tap on the image to read blog)

Koble x Renoking Joanna’s 4 Room Makeover

A Smart Home Featured By Mediacorp

Let’s talk about cost

Our prices are transparent and you will never have to worry about hidden costs. Other than providing installation of the smart devices, we also go a step further to provide a face-to-face tutorial to teach you how to maximise the use of your entire smart home.

At Koble, we take pride in providing reliable advice and excellent after-sales support. Join thousands of other satisfied Singaporeans to transform your space today!

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