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Turning a DBSS Flat into a Film Set Worthy Smart Home

January 28, 2023

Turning a DBSS Flat into a Film Set Worthy Smart Home

Smart Home – For followers of Channel 8’s dramas, you may recognise this DBSS home from part of the set for the recent Mediacorp series. Featuring not only a luxurious home design reminiscent of a hotel’s interior by Eric Lim from Mr. Shopper Studio, but also the home also incorporates Koble’s state-of-the-art smart home solutions, designed with homeowners, Ms Chua and her family in mind.

If you’re wondering why this home may seem familiar to you, chances are that you may have caught a glimpse of it before on TV.

The home is retrofitted with smart solutions to complement their hectic lifestyle as young parents and full-time working professionals. The integration of smart lighting fixtures, smart zip-tracks, voice control systems, and more help to elevate the luxury of the home. All while providing a good balance of convenience and comfort.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) is a housing program launched in Singapore in 2005 by private developers. DBSS units can range from 3-room flats to 5-room flats, with some even having balconies or private roof terraces. DBSS flat layouts are typically larger and more spacious than HDB flat layouts, and they include premium fittings and finishes.

But how did it all come about? Why Koble? And what can it do?

In our interview with homeowner Ms Chua, we hence answer these questions.

How familiar were you with smart homes when you first decided on it?

Ms Chua (C): The idea of a smart home was pretty new to us actually. We knew about the benefits of one, but we weren’t sure how to go about building a smart home automation system ourselves.

What were your main factors for consideration then as first-time smart home owners?

C: When we were looking for a smart home solution, all we knew was working professionals like us. Convenience and ease-of-use were the most important factors for consideration.

So what was the decision process like?

C: Our interior designer recommended Koble to us, and we went down to their office for a physical demonstration. While we had heard many good things about Koble by then, the user-friendliness of their smart home systems really sold it for us.

Koble app

Koble’s app, providing easy access to all smart devices at home.

What stood out about their smart home system?

C: The stand-out feature really has to be the ability to customise multiple switches and functions to run on singular commands.

Koble Pro Series Smart Switch

Koble’s pro series switches, which enable scene control, and multi-device group control.

For example, I can say ‘movie night’, my lights will turn off, the curtains will close, TV will turn on and my house is ready for a cinema experience.

Koble smart home

Activating the ‘movie night’ singular command.

We also like the fact that we can control the switches from pretty much anywhere. For example, when I’m in the office and it rains, I can just open up the Koble app and close the Zip tracks.

Koble smart home, Koble Smart Blinds

Automated closing of the Somfy Zip Tracks to flush out the evening sun.

Why would you recommend having such a smart home system?

C: Koble smart home system is very useful if you have children.

Like me, I have a 2 year-old son. So now, when I’m busy attending to him, I have the convenience of controlling the switches just within the Koble app. This allows me to spend more time with him.

How do you find Koble’s smart home system so far?

C: Koble’s system is really convenient and easy to use especially for first-time smart home system users like us.

And how was your experience working with the Koble team?

C: The Koble team has been very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process! Everything was set up for us in a fuss-free manner. The team remains readily available whenever we have any queries. So, if you are looking for a smart home system, I would recommend Koble!

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Watch the full interview for Stories of Home below:

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